Design Services

So by now you’ve probably checked out my portfolio and have seen some of the things I’ve done. Now you want to know what I can do for you. Well, I can do just about any graphic design project that you can think of. If you have a website, email campaign, poster, or book needing to be created, or if you want to create something that has never been done before, I’m here to make your dreams a reality.

What can I do for you?

With a background in logo and book design plus experience in web design, I’m a two-punch combo.


  • Website Design
  • Front-end Development (HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/jQuery)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Design
  • Back-end Development (PHP & MySql)
  • Wordpress Development
  • Email Marketing

And how do I do it?


I first become an expert at of who you are. To do this, I first must design a few things:

  • Objective?
  • Goals?
  • Environment?
  • End user?
  • Competition?


Now that I’ve joined the party, it’s time to come up with as many ideas possible to reaching our goal.

  • Plan strategy
  • Explore ideas
  • Tell a story


Most of my process is planning so that when it’s time to execute, it’s a breeze.

  • Design
  • Calibrate/refine
  • Illustrate
  • Code
  • Make final tweaks
  • Celebrate!

So how much do I cost?

So I know the real question you are asking is how much is this going to cost. If you have looked at most designers’ websites, they probably won’t tell you without you first contacting them. That’s because design jobs vary so much that its really unfare to both you and the designer to create flat prices for anything. That’s why I created this graph to at least give you a ballpark estimate of what a project may cost. Just know these numbers are only an estimate and to get a better figure, please email me with a better scope of the project.


  • Logo & Branding
  • Coding an already designed website


  • Designing & coding a simple website


  • Designing & coding a more complex website where you can also edit content & images


  • Designing & coding an even more complex website where you can even sell stuff

Email for a quote!