Yellow River

By a request, I’ve been asked to design a book cover for today’s design of the day. That is no problem for me because book publishing is one of the funnest design projects possible. For this project, I was even recommended a couple of puns to use for the titles and authors. I felt they were such excellent titles that I plan on using all of them. Heck, I may even use the same title twice. If you have any more recommendations for future book titles, please feel free to come up with your own.

Today’s book will be about a scientific exploration down the famous Yellow River in China. Historians say that the Yellow River and Yangtze River acted as a birthplace of eastern civilization in China, very similar to the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in the west. Due to this fact, I felt that the Yellow River would be a great setting for an exploration into ancient China similarly to Yellowstone being the back drop of Letters to Yellowstone.

By the way, I would like to thank _Asterione_ for her photo of the Yellow River. It is absolutely beautiful as the rest of her photography.



Gecko Master

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I understand that the author I.P. Freely is an American in the living room but is European in the bathroom.

Cal Cantrell

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I’ve got a book title for you: “Somebody’s Going to Get Stabbed in the Cock and It’s Not Me”

(please don’t ever actually use this for anything public)

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