Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

What would you say if I said I believed in fate? I believe in fate so much tonight that I feel like I'm in my favorite chick flick, Serendity. You see, when I sat down to do my design, I had no intention to relate it to my weekend's activities. But I couldn't stop it! Fate wanted me to make a post about the Wonder Twins!

Wonder Twins

I am proud to announce that this weekend my girlfriend, Kristina, and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. To commemorate the holiday, we participated in the Los Angeles Amazing Race! It was a fun scavenger hunt around the tourist attractions of downtown LA and Hollywood. We had to race against 8 other teams, solving puzzles and running around. Even though we had never done anything like it before, we were able to get 3rd place, mainly thanks to Kristina's awesome puzzle skills.

We had better have gotten a medal on Saturday because the other teams were expecting it. You see, while everyone was wearing normal street clothes or running outfits, Kristina and I were wearing matching Wonder Twin t-shirts! Our competition totally thought we were hard core.

We didn't wear the shirts however to show off our Amazing Race prowess. We did it as an inside joke and a romantic gesture on my part. For 5 Halloweens, Kristina has been trying to get me to wear matching purple spandex with her. I refuse to do so. So when our 5 year came up, I knew I needed to do something special. I bought Wonder Twin shirts from Graphitt Designs to surprise her.

gothic w dropcap

As for tonight, I just wanted to make a drop cap. I decided on the "W" because it was the next letter in the alphabet that I had not done yet. I based the letter on a beautiful gothic letter I found online. After vectorizing the letter, I felt like it needed to be purple...lavender specifically. Then it dawned on me that it was a lavender "W" for the Wonder Twins! It was perfect. That's why I love fate.

gothic dropcap w



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