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Like I said yesterday, today’s post is a doodle I did. I’m a fan of this crazy lunch lady but it made me start thinking about an idea had a few years ago.

I thought it was unfair that some of the most well paid jobs are also the most enjoyable and the poorest jobs are the ones you would never want. Take a doctor and a McDonald’s cashier for an example. Doctors do get a lot of stress but is it that hard to believe that they enjoy their job and may even have fun at it? And what about the cashier? They get minimum wage and have one of the worst jobs ever. Why isn’t work compensated by the endurance of crappiness one can withstand?

Now I know there are a few flaws in my idea. First, if doctors were paid jack crap, they would never be able to afford medical school if even want to go through that pain in the first place. Then people may start to enjoy crappy jobs if they got paid millions to pick up crap.

If nothing else, its fun to think about what the world would be like if we were paid for different reasons. Athletes would be paid nothing, as would designers. Janitors and garbage men would be paid a lot. How would retirement work? As you age, would people be paid less? Scary thought I guess.

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