White People Suck!



I know the title of this post is very racist but before you stop reading my blog forever and thinking of me as a KKK member or something, know that I have a good reason for saying it. When painting human skin, white skin is harder because of its complexity. White people have so many reds, yellows, and blues in them. Darker skins have less. They only have shades of brown. So when I say that white people suck, I only mean that they suck to paint because of their difficulty.

Well, anyway, I decided to paint another picture today. This one is of my friend’s girlfriend. I made her like a falconer or something. I think falconry is really cool and I wonder how people get into it. In high school I found a club of falconers or something on one of my runs. It was really early in the morning and they were sicking their falcons on rats at a golf course. It was cool.



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