Where's the Yellow?

So today I am kind of cheating. I did not actually design something; however, I made up for it yesterday. Trying to come up with a book cover for Yellow River, I came up with two quite different designs. I did use the same typeface, Diavlo, but I tried to play with a different picture (that came from the wonderful eviltomthai), layout, and effects. I think I like this one more than yesterday’s but not by much.

I think this Yellow River will still take place in China; however, I don’t think it will be another scientific adventure story. With this cover, I think the book would be either a documentary on the cultures around the Yellow River or a sad love story in the slums of Lanzhou, a city along the river. Any ideas yourself? Its kind of a cool idea to create a story based solely on a cover. I know we were taught as children to not judge a book by its cover but is it not fun anyway?



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