Where Do The Hours Go?

Have you ever felt like you wasted a day? I feel like recently I have been wasting whole weekends. During the week, I wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, work some, watch a little TV, talk to my girlfriend, and finally go to bed. Its kind of mundane, don’t you think. Then on the weekend, I’m blessed with total freedom. Its a weird feeling because in college, you don’t get any freedom. In college, at least college after freshman year, consists of doing homework or needing to do homework. There’s nothing else. The beauty of being an “adult” is that there isn’t that burden anymore. The problem is that I don’t think I use my new found freedom.

On Saturday, I was still sick so I rested most of the day. I researched business card prices, did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and got a few groceries. Other than that, I didn’t do much. It was so sad, especially when the day was utterly gorgeous. I felt so stupid, but I really wanted to get better.

On Sunday, it was a lot nicer: I walked all over the Rose Bowl Flea Market with Kristina. There was a lot, and I mean a lot, of cool stuff and random trinkets. The best part was that there was so much old stuff that it was more like a museum of “what weird people think is worth selling.” I saw cups and toys that I had as a kid. It brought some fond memories.

Nevertheless, the weekend was overall not that exciting. It made me think of all the weekends (something I think symbolizes the freedom each human being is blessed with) that we waste. Its like we’re given “get out of jail free” cards and don’t use them. That’s why today I made an album cover called “Wasted Weekends.” Its to remind myself, and everyone, how important it is to sieze the weekends. I know “carpe diem” means “sieze the day” but for those that find it difficult to live each day to the fullest, we should begin with seizing the days we receive.

The band of the album is the fictitious Glo. I read a tutorial today about Illustrator’s blend tool and wanted to try out its awesomeness. Now I need to find some new ways to use the tool.

album cover called Wasted Weekend by Glo



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