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So as promised, I tried to express a little Mexican culture into my blog today. Well, maybe this isn’t Mexican culture but my interpretation of it. If anyone wants to educate me on Mexican art and culture, I would love to hear your input.

Today I made another album cover for the Unnecessary Nachos’ new album, Flex. For this one, I made the art be a tattoo on an arm that I painted in Photoshop. I actually did everything in Photoshop. It was an interesting experience that I don’t think I could have done without a tablet. It probably would have been cooler if I took a picture of someone with hand drawn tattoos on them but I didn’t have anyone buff enough.



Kristina Chung

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I like the typography and concept of this one, but execution could be improved. I actually thought that was someone’s arm so good job on the arm! But I don’t think that’s what tattoos look like on the body if that’s what you were going for. But good concept. After checking out this album cover, I googled mexican tattoos and they’re gorgeous! You’re missing your Beetle Juice skeleton! I like him a lot!

And to add to your knowledge of Mexican culture… my most recent exposure I’ve had to Mexican culture and artwork was at Epcot in Disney World. They had an awesome art display called Animales Fantasticos. The colors were so bright and the patterns and textures were to die for! If you want to check it out: http://www.disneyeveryday.com/animales-fantasticos-spirits-in-wood-art-at-epcots-mexico-pavilion/

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