What Girls Come Up With

So after making the album cover for the Polymorphous Light Eruption, my girlfriend asked me to make an album cover for the band her and her friend made in college. It was a joke band where their horrible songs consisted of repeating a couple of lines over and over again and putting it against Garage Band mixes. The band was more of a creative thing to do on a boring night. Is it me or do all girls do that? It seems like at sleep overs and stuff like that they just wear pj’s, laugh and giggle, dance…um….interestingly, and come up with creative things to do.

The band was called Radiantly Gay Pig for some reason. I understand that it has something to do with Charlotte’s Web but still, what a name. For the album, I made it pretty simple with a customized version of Bauhaus, rainbow type effect, and light Mac desktop background.



Brian Wiebe

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Very appropriate, I remember when they made the songs. I found it pretty hilarious!

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