Wet Nap to the Rescue!

As a kid, what super power did you dream of having? Was it to fly? How about super speed? Super strength? Lazer vision? What ever it may have been, I bet it wasn’t as weird as the super power my girlfriend dreamed of having. You see, during the hot summers of L.A., she would play in the sprinklers and get wet to cool off. Then she would run out of the water and see that when she squeezed her hands tight, water would drip from her wet hands. As a little kid, she imagined that the water was not coming from the sprinkler she had just ran through but her very pores.

So ever sense she pictured the water squeezing out of her hands, she decided that her power would be to generate water from her skin. Basically her power was to sweat saltless sweat from her hands. And do you want to know what she planned on doing with this unique super power? She wanted to travel the world giving thirsty people the water only she could provide. Hopefully the water tasted good.

pencil drawing of water giver



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