Waiting at the DMV



If there is photo journalling, is there drawing journalling? If there isn’t, I think today’s post is the closest thing to it. I went to the Carson City DMV today to register my new car and got to experience the people there. I had been briefed about the DMV before I went so I was expecting long lines like Disneyland and grumpy people but I think I was a rare case. Very few people knew that a 6 hour wait was common.

So, I sat there at the DMV, reading my book, listening to the guy the the right of me complain about it taking an hour for two people to be helped and the guy to the left of me complaining about Murphy’s Law. Then I got the idea of drawing the two women in front of me gossiping to one another. They were on the older side but far from being called senior citizens. They seemed to be of lower income and in favor of whispering to each other in the ear. I have no clue what they were whispering but I would assume it was about work. They didn’t seem to be related but just friends. For employment, I got the impression that they may work at one of the casinos and it being Nevada, it wouldn’t be that hard to believe.

I had fun drawing them but it was really hard to without them knowing I was staring at them. I kept looking away if they ever started to pay attention to me but I doubt I did well at this. In my life drawing class, we stared to intently at the models, trying to pay attention to them rather than our drawing. Our goal was to draw what we literally saw; not what we thought we saw. I think its a beautiful method to objectively look at the beauty of the human body. I just now know that its hard to do that stealthy.

women gossiping to one another



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