Visual Overload

So my mom came to visit this weekend. I haven’t seen her since Christmas so it was nice to see her again. You see, I miss the old gal.

Anyway, this weekend we went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and had a good time. We were able to see almost the entire museum; however, we went a little late because we had to make a Powerpoint for a conference my mom was going to speak at. We also became less and less concerned at seeing everything once we were there for several hours. The same thing happened when my sister and I went to the Louvre: by the end of the day we were drained of energy and had mush for brains.

Nevertheless, we got to see beautiful sculptures, both miniature and gigantic elevators, ancient artifacts, mind blowing paintings, and the most beautiful gallery I’ve ever seen. If you ever get the chance, go to the Japanese painting exhibition at the LACMA. Yes the art is amazing, but more impressive is the architecture that houses the work. It reminded me of glass lily pads growing up inside of a blossom.

Not only did we see paintings and sculptures, but we also saw a few textiles as well. We saw rugs, quilts, armor, and belts; each having their own pattern and texture. I do appreciate the skill it takes to create such objects and the creativity it took to make them pretty; but overall, I was unimpressed. I’m always dissatisfied by textiles. I find no interest in them and so I always scim through those sections of museums when I get the chance.

I have however been noticing patterns more since my girlfriend has been making scrapbook paper for one of her side jobs. Check out some of her work at Now that I notice the fine details of repetitive shapes and colors, I noticed some of the intricate simplicities of the South American textiles. I saw so many simple triangles over and over again with bright primary colors. They reminded me of patterns I would make in elementary school, though their’s was much better. After viewing their textiles, I decided to make my own pattern based of their style. Hope you enjoy:

red and orange pattern with triangles



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