Tribute to Crazy Weather



So I don’t know about you and where you live but the weather here has been really sporadic here in Carson City, NV. In the morning its grey and cloudy, the afternoon will be bright and sunny, and the evening will be a snow storm. Its like the weather is a teenage girl not knowing what she wants to wear to school that day to try and impress the most popular guy in school.

Whether or not the weather can decide what it wants to do, I do like it when it snows. Not really when there is snow on the ground but when it is snowing. Everything gets quieter and more tranquil. Hehe. I just thought of a silent killer. I don’t think thats true though. It never seems that cold or painful when it is snowing. Its comfortable and its when the snow stops is when you start freezing to death. Maybe I only go out into the snow when its not too bad but that’s my experience.

Either way, I wanted to give tribute to that tranquil, peaceful feeling that snow gives me. If I could describe that feeling I would describe it with a scene:

You are in doors all cozy and warm. You just finished dinner and have nothing to do but look out the window into the darkness of the night. It wasn’t snowing earlier even though the weather man said it would be and you try and see if it is now. Into the blackness, you see nothing. Sometimes you might see the hint of shadows coming from your neighbors houses, cars, and trees. Then you look up into the street light: your only source of light besides what is behind you. There you see flurries of snow coming down at an angle in the beam of light generated from the light. Its as if the street light is giving a spot light to a silent performance. There is nothing else outside but that one show and its so nice, so nice that you could be hypnotized for hours.

Hopefully you could understand that feeling with my description. If not, hopefully you can with this painting. Enjoy.



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