So yesterday I painted a very trendy (only in the nerd world) painting of me with a Growlithe. You see, ever since this one guy (I wish I knew who) started painting these drawings of Pokemon trainers dressed up like their Pokemon, which I learned are called Gijinka), the same type of fan art started popping up all over the web, especially places like Deviantart. Like wild fire, people started drawing themselves as Pokemon maniacs.

It was a little over a year ago when I first learned about these drawings. I quickly fell in love with them, not so much for the Pokemon fan art part but for the beautiful renderings of the Pokemon. I would argue that the guy who painted over 200 Pokemon Gijinkas may actually be better than the Ken Sugomori, the original artist of Pokemon. I thought the paintings were so cute that one day I drew Kristina as a Bulbasaur Gijinka. She and her Bulbasaur were so cute. Her Bulbasaur was actually smiling and she was wearing cute over alls. She of course loved it. :)

Now its a year later and I’m always looking for new ideas for posts. Kristina told me that I should make a Growlithe Gijinka and I did. I personally like Arcanine way more but she said I wasn’t cool enough to draw him. Oh well.

Today’s drawing was drawn, scanned, and painted in Photoshop. I’m definitely starting to like painting with that program. I’m proud of my exuberant dog but I think my avatar is a little goofy looking. Oh well, he is being pulled by a puppy. :)

boy being pulled by a running Growlithe



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