The Underdog

I don’t think you can be an American and not have seen a movie or read a book about an underdog. Isn’t it like the American ideal? A loser or outcast with nothing works hard and overcomes all obstacles to become great and win the girl and win the prize and so on and so on. We have Dodgeball, The Replacements, David & Goliath, and even Lord of the Rings to name a few. Its part of our culture.

Well today I made yet another book cover based off of a pun (a similar type of pun for that matter) but instead of being a scientific journey or study on a culture, this book I think will be about an underdog. A high school outcast with nothing but his group of other high school losers must compete against the social elite to break from the chains of the caste system. By the end, he will of course see that all he was looking for in the football jocks and cheerleaders was but at the beginning with his true friends. Its quite a common story but a nice one.

We could even make it a social commentary about Americans constantly trying to make more money and become more successful to get a bigger house, hotter wife, and nicer car only to find out that all of those things mean nothing compared to the affection of but a few loved ones.

Sorry to go off on such a tangent but its fun anyway. Here is today’s design. Hope you like it. The photograph comes from the phenomenal Perardi.



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