The Triton

Ever notice that the letter E is a handle-less triton pointing to the right? Maybe its just me. Well, I think the uppercase E looks very nautical anyway. Like its Neptune’s letter or something. So when I decided to make a drop cap E, I decided to make it more nautical.

I also wanted to make the letter really different than how the letter E usually looks. Its either really blocky or really curly. I wanted it to be more round or circular. Now I think it looks almost like a throwing weapon. Don’t you think?

I then felt like adding pearls and diamonds to the letter to create a more royal look, like it really is Neptune’s letter. I’m not sure how I like them or the rest of the letter. I like the shape of the E but I’m not sure about the rest. Am I getting in a creative block? Maybe. Good thing this is only practice.



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