The Great Escape

I’ve tried so many times to escape from reality—to break free from representational art. It can be so difficult though. We live in such a object oriented world where we can only see people, animals, plants, machines, and other stuff. Heck, coders built a type of language based upon objects. We just think in stuff.

I know its possible to break from this mind set. The greats like Kandinsky and Newman were able to do it. I went to the LA Art Walk last night and many of the artists there were able to do it as well. So what is my problem? Not enough practice? Maybe everyone thinks differently and each person’s mindset gives them an affinity towards a type of art: representational or non-representational. Whatever the cause, I truly appreciate non-representational art for its mystery, calming effect, and challenge.

Here’s my attempt of a truly meaningless, stream of consciousness, non-representational piece:

abstract pencil drawing



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