The Forgotten

I know that I don’t usually make drop caps two days in a row but I thought because I forgot the I yesterday, I had a right to it to make it today. You know? Because letters have feelings too. Hehe. Is it sad that I sort of actually believe that? Hehe.

I heard I’m not alone about this but I usually associate human characteristics to abstract things like letters, numbers, colors, months, days, etc. I picture the number 9 as a bully, green as a nerd, J as a cool, everyone-wants-to-be-around-you kind of guy, Tuesday as an introvert, and April as a cute little girl. I actually think May as April’s big sister and both of them are wearing Spring dresses (even though the dresses part makes a lot of sense).

I really like making associations with these things though it can be annoying when I see numbers or words illustrated a certain way that doesn’t correspond with my associations. I’m getting better and better at pushing them aside but it can be hard.



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