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I’ve written in previous posts how I created my own super heroes as a kid. Some were ok. I thought the superhero, Goldenrod, was pretty cool. He was a mix between Thor, Masked Rider, and Iron Man. He had varying suits he wore that each gave him specific powers he used to fight against I think was his father or something. The last time I worked on his story line I was like 10 or 11. Anyway, he had a car and motorcycle, he could shoot lightning out of his chest, and he was a karate expert. Oh, and don’t forget the best part—his name is the best color in the world. Hehe. He wasn’t named after it. I didn’t even like yellow back then. How things change. Hehe.

For my high school senior project, I made a comic book using what might have been the best superheroes I’ve ever created. It was actually a super hero team up of two orphan siblings. There was Conner, who was a high schooler with no powers. He mainly cared about taking care of his little 10-year-old sister, Sally, who had unfathomable powers. Sally could fly, teleport, and control demonic power. I actually don’t even know the ends of her powers. I wanted her to be this cute little girl with all the forces of darkness at her command. The story goes that the evil Shadow Skull wants to take her and make her his evil minion but the siblings escape his grasp only to try and find a way home—wherever that may be.

Even though I made some pretty good super heroes, I made some really bad ones too. Possibly the worst was the Bananist. At the time, I was trying to make a super hero for each of my friends. I gave them each their own element, weapon, and spirit animal. Mine was water, a triton, and a shark. My friend Cody was space, a sword, and a bat. His sister Lyndsey was wind, a crossbow, and a sparrow. Getting the picture?

Well, I was getting to the end of my friends and the end of my elements and weapons. So what did I give my friend, Nathan? I gave him the element of nature, plants, and the forest. What weapon did I give him? What the 8-year-old wanted: a boomerang. Now how do you combine plants with a boomerang? Boomerangs originate from Australia where its sort of like a desert. So what did I do? I made him a thrower of banana boomerangs. Yep. He was a guy who threw boomerangs shaped like bananas. I named my creation Bananist and said I was done.

Today I revamped my bananist drawing. I still think he’s ridiculous but hey, it’s history. Enjoy.

superhero throwing banana at the viewer



Kristina Chung

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I think no matter how absurd the Bananist is or how ashamed you are of him, I’ll always love him (I might be biased because of my love and devotion to bananas). I admire your childhood creativity and I like the new Bananist’s scarf!!

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