The Other Shelby

Trojan Horse Robot made out of Trajan Pro font

When I was growing up (and still am), there were very few Shelbys in my life. In school, there would be 5 Ashleys, 3 Davids, and 4 Jennifers but only one Shelby: me. I remember in elementary school, my friends and I even started a Ghostbuster-like team to defend the universe from all the Stephanies (and their cooties). In the end though, I liked the specialness of being the only one with my name.

It wasn't until High School that I met another Shelby (or Shelbie). I instantly thought of her as the enemy for taking away my individualism. Her being a girl and proving to me that Shelby is usually a girl's name didn't help her cause either.

Luckily, we rarely shared a class, friend, or high school territory (a.k.a. our spot). Really the only time I ever saw her was in our art class. Yes, the only two people in the entire school that valued art for more than an easy grade were both named Shelby.

We definitely had different styles in the class. I drew comic book characters and monsters, while she drew realistic horses. She was great at it too. From her head poured forth mustangs, colts, unicorns, pegasuses, and the like. Each one was anatomically perfect and full of detail. The horses could express any emotion she wanted. She had mastered the art in everyway.

I hated her for it. She stole my name and my talent! I was suppose to be the only artist in the school. How dare she, right? She was like my Venom, Bizarro, Zoom, or Captain Pollution.

The only thing that allowed me not to despise her was the fact that she couldn't draw anything else, or if she could, she wouldn't. Every day I would hear my teacher beg her to draw anything else but horses. Every day I would hear him fail. It was quite sad. Though I was dissappointed when I couldn't draw a new super hero, I did what I was asked. I stretched myself and I'm so thankful I did. Now I can design almost anything a client asks for because I'm willing to figure it out.

The Point

So what does this story have to do about the font-bot you saw at the top of the page? Well, I thought I would honor Shelbie S. for being the first to break my Shelby elitism by giving her my Trajan Horse.

If you are like me, when you are scrolling through font choices in Illustrator or Photoshop and come across Trajan Pro, you accidentally say "Trojan Pro" by mistake. Its just a habit. Well, I caught myself one day and realized I could make a pun off of it.

I'm not sure if Trajan Horse is as strong as Sans Sheriff, but I think he's as strong as most of his competitors. I don't know why Trajan Horse was so difficult to make. Maybe its because he was a horse (ironically, I've never been good at drawing horses :) ). I think I had to learn that to make a good bot, with nice details, you have to fill them up . You can't have interior white space. They look weak and flat that way.


Now that you know the history of Trajan Horse and how I feel about him, go vote for Trajan Horse!



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