Tech Meets Classical

Today was like a rematch against design. Yesterday I tried to make a new drop cap but failed horribly. I hadn’t made one recently and thought it would be a good time to do so. I was in a meeting talking about my health benefits (can you say boring) and started doodling. As a side note, I did pay attention and the speaker was very good at trying to make an impossibly entertaining subject as close to bearable as possible. Anyway, after my doodling session, I came out with nothing but crap.

Its quite annoying when you try to make something both cool and original and all you get is original crap. I’m still a firm believer that 95% of all original things is total shit and people just have to sift through it to find a golden egg.

Today, I tried again and created what I think is a pretty cool letter T. I tried to create a very simple serif letter out of techie-inspired wires forming the serifs. I wanted the wires and circuits to fill in the shapes using Gestalt (yay for design classes). I first drew it on a stickie note, scanned it, and traced it in my fave, Illustrator. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Letter T



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