Start a Sentence with the Letter Q

Quips are hard to come up with for me. I really do love those funny remarks but I’m not fast to come up with them. I’m more like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail where I’ll come up with a remark two hours later and its too late to say it without looking completely idiotic. My girlfriend, Kristina, is pretty good with quips. So is my friend, Cal, even though his are really cheesy.

If you are wondering why I started this post talking about quips, you would be smart to realize that I was trying to come up with a good sentence to start with the letter Q for my drop cap. Words that start with Q aren’t hard to find but they don’t usually start a sentence unless I wanted to talk about quails, Quixote, or people named Quinn. I actually pulled my handy dictionary from my bookcase to look for words that start with Q. I stopped at “quip” because I like that word. I’m also envious of people who can come up with them.

Anyway, today’s post is the letter Q I’ve been working on for a while. This was a letter I had a problem with because of its shape. I knew from the start I wanted to make the more cursive looking Q. My mission was to make it look definitively like a Q and not a 2 because my girlfriend thinks it looks more like a 2. The problem though is that once I did that, I couldn’t come up with a type treatment that complimented its shape. I finally was noticing old buttons and persian rugs and came up with this treatment. I’m falling in love with 1920′s buttons so I think one of my next designs will use their styles better than I did here.

Q Dropcap



Shelby Moulden

Shelby Moulden Avatar

When will you realize that you’ll never be the master of subtlety and wit. Oh, and thanks for your input.

Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar

You could have totally started your blog with lyrics from the Backstreet Boys… “Quit playing games with my heart, before you tear us apart…” Then continued your entry writing about your affinity for that popular boy band… hehehe

I’m loving the 1920’s rug styling you got there, but unfortunately I still think it looks like a “2.” Perhaps if the looped part of the “Q” overlapped the beginning of the letter slightly (fattest part of the letter). Maybe if they were touching I would see a “Q” first. It’s a good looking “2”!

p.s. and I’m “pretty good with quips”—how about master of subtly and wit status? :)

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