Snowflake in Winter

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Happy Mobile Tuesday everybody! Yes, that's right. Corporate America wasn't satisfied with just Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They decided on adding Small Business Saturday and Mobile Tuesday. What will they come up with next?

Now with my little rant over, let me tell you about today's design. I actually drew it on Thanksgiving but I didn't have a chance to scan it until tonight. My main excuse was that I was having a blast with my mom and sister in Massachusetts.

But in the middle of my vacation excitement, I was able to find time to draw my 2005 Honda Civic as a Transformer. I had the idea when I was bored on Thanksgiving morning. You see, on Turkey day, you only have a few options:

  1. Cook Thanksgiving dinner (only a few designated people, usually women, can be doing this)
  2. Watch the Macy Day parade (boring)
  3. Sleep (I don't like sleeping in too late)
  4. Be bored

I obviously chose D. But instead of sit there feeling guilty watching my mom and sister's land lord cook away, I chose to be proactive. I chose to draw for you, my reader.

I quickly decided to illustrate my car. You see when I bought it, the 2nd Transformer movie came out and I had a habit of imagining vehicles I passed by as robots in disguise. So I of course thought of my car as one of the best ones.

Because the car is white, I decided his name should deal with ice. Maybe Frozone or Ice Cube. Maybe Black Ice. No, I had the brilliant idea of calling him Ice-9. Ice-9 was the substance that killed the human race in one of my favorite books by Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle. His bad ass name didn't last long though thanks to my girlfriend, Kristina.

She decided my car's name had to sound cute so she called it Snowflake. Can't girls be so cruel?

Well, after she said 'snowflake' enough times, I actually started calling it that. It seems like she trained me! Well, to stop the humiliation of having a car with a lame name, I decided to turn the lame name into a cool one. I decided that I was going to make 'Snowflake' awesome. Bumblebee was able to do it. Why couldn't I?

With that in mind, I decided to make Snowflake into a white ninja with Snowflake shurikens. He would be able to chuck them at other bots and split them into two. He would also be super stealthy and graceful; two things I am not. I made Snowflake more than meets the eye!

Honda Civic Transformer robot



Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar
I don't think Snowflake is a lame name at all. And I'm sure your auto-bot car can "hear" these mean comments and it hurts his feelings. I think your girlfriend had a good point: Your car name should be cute... and Ice-9 is so menacing. Long story, short. I'm glad Snowflake stuck!

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