Save Me From The Trolls!

So for those who don’t know, I think I’m a quarter Swede. I guess that’s not too much but while growing up, my mom always tried to teach my sister and me the Swedish culture. No one ever tried to develop my French or German roots so I have always thought of myself as a 20th (or some other larger number) generation Swedish American. Growing up, my mom made us Swedish pancakes and Swedish meatballs, which I have never been a fan of, and had my sister dress up as Santa Lucia every December 13th. Then throughout our house (especially during Christmas) we would have scattered around Dala horses, trolls, abstract doves, and straw goats. It was just our tradition.

Well, after talking about cultures yesterday, I decided to make something based off of my culture. And because I have only made one pattern since I created this blog, I decided to make a pattern based off of that pseudo-Swedish culture I grew up in.

This pattern is based off of what I believe as a traditional Dala horse. My mom said that each Swedish family has a Dala horse in their family to kind of represent the family like a crest. Somewhere I read that they also are meant to scare trolls away but I have also read that straw goats are meant to do that. Either way, Dala horses are really pretty ornaments that are the key symbol of Sweden to me. Sometimes I even wonder why the Swedish flag isn’t orange and blue.



Gary Horton

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Interesting concept, these blogs. Too bad no visitors have probably read your Dala horse comments. Very interesting history, though. When we first dated your mother gave me one of the straw goats that you mentioned, but I gave it back saying they should not be separated. I had no idea at the time they were also symbolic to the Swedish culture. She’s a wonderful woman with a heart as big as the whole outdoors. She’s got your back, and you’re lucky for that. Remember that. I’ll put this site as a “favorite” and come back in and visit it periodically. Now get back to work and draw some me sailboats, or draw your mother some potatoes. Talk this evening. Oh, you’re out of orange juice. Gary

Toño Rodriguez

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hm, I knew you were in touch with your Swedish background, but I didnt know how your family held the traditions. Its cool to hear a bit more about it, I’d be interested in discussing it further w you. I like the pattern and it makes me want to see a full dala horse, or a few of them. Either way, good work, and Happy (late) birthday.

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