Ribbit! Ribbit!



So I have yet to work on the design I’m excited for; nonetheless, I did have fun painting today. What animal do you think of when you think about Valentine’s Day? I think about frogs every time. I don’t even know why. Its not like they’re pretty, sensual, erotic, or do it a lot. They are just slimy, cool little creatures that in a way, have evolved better than us (just because they can breathe under water). Yes, I know about the Frog Prince and if you kiss a frog they’ll turn into yours truly but still, what makes that story more Valentine’s-y than Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Snow White, or any other fairy tale about true love?

You know what story should be thought of when Valentine’s Day comes around? That’s right, The Princess Bride. It’s a ridiculous movie with horrible special effects, acting, and writing but for some reason when Wesley and Princess Buttercup get together you just have to say “Ahh.”

Well, anyway, today’s painting is of a frog because even though they don’t have that great of a right to be Saint Valentine’s mascot, they are still really cool.



Cal Cantrell

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Actually frogs can’t breathe underwater. But they CAN breathe through their skin, which is cool. I like your frog. He looks happy. Hope you have fun with your marathon make out ses- I mean hanging out with Kristina… session.

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