Remember Gum Ball Rally?

Joke, Jaguar, Jeff, Jerome, Jack, Jelly. I’m really happy that J doesn’t come up a lot in Scattergories because I suck at coming up with words that start with J. Know what else I suck at? Remembering what the last letter I did for my alphabet of drop caps. I could have sworn I made an I but I never did. Oh well, I still designed a letter J for today.

I came up with the initial shape of the J quite quickly but had a hard time designing the colors and patterns. I was thinking of military chevrons because my step dad was watching a Navy movie at the time. Then I was thinking of octopus lines and deer skin. For some reason I think of hunting when I think of the letter J. I almost made the tail out of antlers. Hehe.

Either way, I ended up trying to make it more like night life and more trendy design. That’s why I went with the cyans and magentas. The gum balls were meant to be lights but they didn’t turn out all that well.



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