Understandably, I redesigned my web site. Not only was my old site a little dated, but it also didn't show my abilities as a designer or developer. It wasn't responsive, it wasn't HTML5, it had an awkward side navigation, it didn't allow me to write much copy if I needed it, and it wasn't the easiest to read with the white on black copy. The site was great when I just came out of college and just learned how to web design. It's a lot better than my very first site. :)

Not that the bag wagon excuse is a great one, but I thought I should join the several sites that havely done a redesign (mainly to make their site responsive). Among the many redesigns in the past few months include Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks, Codrops, Jessica Hische, and Jason Santa Maria. Their amazing feats at this industry only inspired me to push myself and my portfolio. I hope you all agree that I have succeeded at least by improving my small corner of the web.

I've been thinking about that recently: the idea of leaving a lasting impression on the world. You see, for Christmas, my girl friend gave me the biography of Steve Job on tape so I could read it on my way to work. The products Steve Job created redesigned the world as we knew it by obsessively reaching for perfection in everything around him. I can't comprehend how one man could create the first personal computer, the iphone, and the ipad (yes, I know he had hundreds of people helping him build these products but he was the one common denominator). Then I see the amazing sites and apps being created each day. They make me question what man is capable of. How amazing would it be to be a hero in the masses that can design an amazing anything. That's my new goal: come up with something that progresses the world.

As for my blog of the day, I wanted to make a drop cap that symbolizes my new site: yellow, simple, and more than meets the eye. Hope you enjoy the new experience and please, if you see a way I can better the site, tell me. Thanks!

dropcap of the letter u



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