Never would I have said this a few years ago I love plaid. Its so pretty and complex. I guess I’m not a big fan of lumber jack plaid but all the rest is awesome. You got to give a high five to the Scottish for coming up with such a unique pattern.

When I thought of plaid before, all I thought of was lumber jacks but thanks to the trend that occurred a few years ago, everyone wears it. I’m not trying to say that we should all follow trends but trends do latch onto things and show all of its glory, both good and bad. I don’t think we would have seen all of the different colors and forms of plaid if it weren’t for trends.

So anyway, today I was trying to come up with a letter n and noticed a plaid shirt in a photograph. Once I saw it, I knew an n would fit well with the pattern. I don’t think I have mastered the art of plaid making but it was a start.

Dropcap of the letter N



Kristina Chung

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I love the colors of your “N”. They remind me of the little scarves/jackets scottie dogs where. It also looks like a plaid piece of ribbon.

And i love lumberjacks (especially when Hugh Jackman is a Canadian lumberjack) hehe…

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