After a day of reformatting my blog and dealing with plane flights, I had a sudden feeling to go pink. I used to have a favorite shirt that was pink and somedays I just want an excuse to use that color. It is peaceful yet energetic. I feel like it has some of the most connotations to it than any other color. Its just cool.

So of course when I thought of pink, I also thought of teenie boppers and Twilight. When I thought of Twilight, I of course thought of its typeface, Zephyr, which is one of my all time favorites. Luckily I got it for Christmas last year and have never used it. So, today will be the perfect day to use one of my favorite types.



Toño Rodriguez

Tono Rodriguez Avatar

so…. I think you should change the name of this post, it is a crime against nature. as a matter of fact that word shouldnt be allowed to exist… much less the color…. bleh

haha, that said, I like the background pattern. its cool. also, the typeface is pretty neat…. not to mention that zephyr is the name of the west wind in greek mythology (my favorite wind/cardinal direction) but you knew that.

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