Old Rivalries



I personally don’t have a problem with either Apple or Windows. I personally use Macs because they seem easier to me but that does not mean that Windows is that bad of an operating system. They both have pros and cons that fit different people more than others. I love my old boss’ quote: ”There are three things friends shouldn’t discuss: politics, religion and operating systems, such as Mac vs. PC.”

But none the less, my neighbor, Brad, asked me to make an illustration of Apple kicking Windows butt because of his hatred towards Windows. Then when I was taking a shower today I thought of the literal representation of an apple beating a window. Its quite simple: its an apple being thrown through a window. So I made the illustration. It doesn’t look exactly like how I would of hoped. I was picturing a more photographic/glassy illustration but I was not in the mood to figure out how to do that. Maybe later. All I know is that I enjoy the idea and hope that no one else came up with it already (though it is quite likely).



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