Old Friends



So today I had some free time, which I haven’t had in a while. I decided to catch up on some of my painting. I haven’t painted anything sense I’ve moved. How crazy is that!? I have a wonderful porch with a beautiful view of my roommate’s flowers and I haven’t painted any of them. Man am I crazy!

Because Andrew, my roommate, is growing roses next to the porch, I decided to paint them. I personally don’t like roses. I think they look and smell ok and hurt like hell when poked. Nevertheless, I painted what was in front of me.

Painting after a long absence of it made me think of old friends. It made me think of high school buddies and college brothers. Made me remember how bad I am at keeping in touch with people. My best friend moved back home a month ago and I have yet to call him up. How lame is that?

My painting also made me realize how impatient I am. Man was it excruciating to wait for the petals to dry so that I could paint another layer or add the stems. I wrote emails, prayed, stared into space, and tried to do anything to bide my time. Man was it hard.

water color painting of rose with poem



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