Not-So Scarlett Letter

A little known fact about me is that I would have never thought I would say this a few years ago but I love typography. Each letter is a simple but gorgeous illustration that still looks great next to a thousand more. That’s not even the best part. The best part is that people can manipulate and draw each letter and word so differently and yet they’re readable. Imagine the word “word” in Univers, Georgia, Papyrus, or handwriting. Each letter form is soooo different but you can still read it (more or less). I just love it.

So when I saw the typographer, Jessica Hische, create unique drop caps for her “design of the day,” it inspired me. It motivated me to create this blog and more specifically motivated me to make today’s design. Today I made my own drop cap in tribute to her. So thank you Jessica Hische and I hope you can come up with even more typefaces and drop caps in your future.

drop cap of the letter A




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