Not One of My Greatest Works



Today I decided to just put on digital paper what popped in my head. Its more of a doodle than any form of art. At work today I entered articles into our database and at home I packed. Its not the most brain intensive work out there but it also kind of drains energy too. Know what I mean?

I’m writing this to remind you that this blog is not meant to be a gallery of best work but a tool to stretch my imagination and creativity; today’s blog proving that I need it. :)

When Kristina and I were assembling our portfolios, we thought of it like assembling our Pokemon team. While in Pokemon, you could only have 6; in your portfolio, you should really only have up to 12. And same with your Pokemon team, you have your heavy hitters and the ones that fill in your cracks. We always called my Byzantium my Charizard, referring it to be my best work. Today’s sketch is more like a Magikarp or Abra. Both pokemon were utterly useless; they didn’t even have an attack that did damage. But no matter how pathetic they were, people loved catching them so to get their much valued evolved forms.

That’s what my little kitty is. A piece of shit that is making me one step closer to my evolved form: one of the greatest designers in the world. Wish me luck on my idealistic goal and congratulate Kitty on helping me get there.

Grey cat cartoon smoking a cigarette



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