New Twist Under the Bleachers

Alright, today I produced another book cover for the fictitious story, Under the Bleachers. For this one, I found a more grunge, high contrast picture from ydiggnme. I also thought that a more eroded version of the typeface, Princeton, would fit nice with the photograph. Once it all came together, I decided this version of the book would be less of a tale of growing up and more of a teenage mystery tale.

You know the stereotype: kid with some sort of detective parent learns the tools of the trade and becomes a detective at their school on murders that the cops think are no brainers. Then the kid some how outsmarts the bad guys, magically misses every gun shot fired at them, and takes down the baddie to save the school. It’s almost like a some-what cooler version of Scooby-Doo.



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