New Mission



Well, after having some problems coming up with poster designs recently, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and work on my poster making abilities. I remember once my teacher told me that making a poster was easy. She was comparing it to making a book, web site, or package. She thought that because these items are larger, tend to last in view much longer, and are more technical than a poster, a poster is much easier.

Well, I disagree with that teacher. Books, web sites, packages, and so forth and structure to them. Audiences have expectations of where things should go and how they should act in these mediums. A reader expects a page number at the bottom or top of the page. Users go straight to the top right to see their shopping cart. Yes, these design problems have their own challenges but none of them are so free-flowing as a poster.

You can basically do anything with a poster: header on the top, header on the bottom, all type, no type, read down, read across, aligned in every possible way, etc. There is no end to the possibilities for a poster and it drives me mad. Its more like a painting than a design problem to me. Heck, it was a painting for most of the poster’s existence.

So, after this very long message, I’m going to focus on poster designs more to exercise that part of my brain. Wish me luck.



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