Marble Clouds

Remember when you were a kid and you stared up into the clouds trying to see what shapes you saw. Some kids saw elephants, others saw ballerinas, and still some saw dinosaurs. For one reason or another, I tended to see pirate ships, ray guns, alien beasts, and UFO’s.

Anyway, today’s post was based off of the same concept. You can not only find shapes in clouds, but also shapes in marble patterns. On one of my shower walls there is a weird shape that I swear looks like an alien’s head. So, I drew the head I saw and his attached body. I drew it with pen and ink (my favorite) and I tried a little colored wash (new).



Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar

Every time I use the bathroom at my grandpa’s house I see King Triton in the plastered wall of his shower, so I totally know what you mean. Good job on the colored wash. Way to branch out! The shadow cross-hatching and the smoke from the cigarette is my favorite.

Cal Cantrell

Cal Cantrell Avatar

I just looked at the wood of my bed frame, right next to my desk, and noticed a face in it, looking upward. Good job with the… uh… lines… and stuff. Man, you have a BLOG! Whoo yeah!

Toño Rodriguez

Tono Rodriguez Avatar

he kind of looks like a grey martian ( or is it white martian?). He also looks like he might be a detective in a noir movie or something. and yeah, I see random creatures in everyday things too.

p.s.–heh, his hairdo reminds me of grease… which is funny because I’ve never seen it.

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