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So today wasn’t the best of days and I couldn’t focus on my second job. So to escape making a lot of dumb mistakes and getting angry, I walked away (leaving work for this weekend) and started drawing. I wasn’t trying to make a masterpiece or anything because if I was I would probably get even angrier. Instead I just drew what came to mind.

My thoughts rolled around two things: the janitor from Scrubs and my friend, Cal. I was thinking of the janitor because for the past couple of days I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs. Too much if you ask me. Well, the janitor is awesome and he slightly reminds me of Cal. They are both talented genius who decide to use their genius for unconventional purposes.The janitor spends his time pretending to work and making J.D. suffer while Cal spends his time playing video games, obsessing over Sponge Bob Square Pants (yuck!), intentionally being weird, and, oh yeah, loving on people with the kindness and wisdom God bestowed on him.

Well, anyway, I decided to draw a kind of heroic looking janitor. I also drew a few more characters that I’ll introduce in the next couple of days. Enjoy my random doodles!

cartoon janitor




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I was browsing Google for different drawing ideas and came across your website. I just had to say that all your pictures are beautiful! The skill, creativity, and detail are fantastic. :)

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