I Want to Look Like Him



So today’s post came from another suggestion from Kristina (man is it nice to have a girlfriend :) ). I was telling her about when I was a kid I thought that I should gain pyrokinetic powers from getting a third degree burn on my foot. In reality, all I got was a skin grafting :( .

Anyway, Kristina thought I should make a drawing of myself as a fire bender (Yay for Avatar: the Last Airbender!) and her as a water bender. The cartoons are Ignite and Wet Nap! I’ve actually made Kristina Wet Nap in a previous post but I think this sketch is much better of her.

Both characters were meant to be based on me and my girlfriend, though I made some liberties to make them more like benders. First off, I changed my hair to be more orange and fiery. I made Kristina’s hair more wavy and had her wear blue. She pretty much never wears blue. Heck, I pretty much never wear red either. I do however wear plaid and cargo shorts. I also like wearing suspenders on my hips. Yes, that’s like Sora, but I think he dresses cool too. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind looking more like my character. And I’m happy Kristina doesn’t look like Wet Nap, because I think the real thing is much cuter :) .

girl pours water on boys hand



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