I See Something in my Bed

Is there something moving in there? As I wake from the vague memories of dreams, I see something in the corner of my eye. What is it? Its like the sheets are moving. Almost like the alien from Evolution crawling underneath the skin of Professor Harry Block. The Victorian pattern on my bed spread starts moving and forming around me. Is it still a dream or the dead moving behind the yellow wallpaper?

How’s my creative writing?

Today’s post was influenced by the new bed spread I got for Christmas. My old one was the green corduroy behemoth that weighed a tone and felt so good. Somehow it warmed me enough during the winter that I didn’t need another blanket and it was cool enough to be used even on the hottest nights. It was a magnificent blanket. Sadly after almost six years of sleeping underneath it, I needed a new blanket. It received so many holes and stains over the years that there was no question about it.

Did you know that looking for a comforter is a tough job. Good ones are almost impossible to find. When my mom went searching for one, we found cheap ones that you find in Hotel 6′s and comfy ones that would be good for a 90-year-old woman but not one that would fit me. Of course, when we did find one that was acceptable, literally every Target on the west coast ran out of it. I eventually selected a cheaper and thinner blanket that matched my apartment quite well. Its Victorian pattern makes it a little girlie but hopefully my manliness (or at least my being a designer) will let me get away with it.

One day, when I was sitting on my bed talking to Kristina on the phone, I started to stare at the mesmerizing pattern on my blanket. That may be one reason why I love decorative patterns so much: you can get lost in the detail. Out of the pattern; however, I saw a face. It was almost a dragon face or samurai mask. That’s when I realized I found a new blog entry.

As for execution, I like how the mask turned out though I would have liked to make the mask more 3D and less Photoshop-y. If anyone has any suggestions or links to tutorials or something, feel free to add a comment. Thanks!

wooden mask

Updated version

Here is the mask again that hopefully looks more realististic.

updated version with hard light



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