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Ever been to Griffith Park? Its a beautiful park in the middle of LA that is supposedly the largest city park in the country. It has a golf course, observatory, zoo, theatre, tennis courts, and hiking trails (it might have more but I don’t know about anything else). I’ve been visiting it for the past couple of weekends because its really pretty and fun to hike.

My first visit was for a morning run. It was foggy that day but still warm. The entire run I wanted to take off my shirt but thought it might inappropriate with all the people, which there were a ton of. I never saw so many people hiking on one trail. Though I had never seen anything like it, I expected as much being in LA. There are a ton of people here and not much hiking. This city is so opposite of Carson City.

Anyway, the fog was dense and I couldn’t see that much. It wasn’t bad though because the trail had so much mystery. I felt like I was in a Chinese painting where you could only see the tops of mountains.

Yesterday, my second trip to Griffith, I decided to hike a different trail. I ended up hiking into the back of my previous trail which was such a pleasant surprise. Behind all that mysterious fog was a beautiful panoramic view of all of LA. I could see the observatory (which was stunning), the Greek theatre, the synagogue near my house that I love staring at, freeways, and hundreds of houses and buildings. I had never seen such a sight. On the hikes I usually take, you can see the entire city but you see the perimeter too. I couldn’t see an end to LA (that could be because of the smog too but we won’t discuss that here).

Well, for today’s blog, I made a logo inspired by the Griffith Park logo. It was the silhouette of half a tree made with two lines. Then they had the text underneath the symbol. It was kind of flat and looked like it was from the 70′s but the use of half a tree was nice. It reminded me of a letter. That’s why I made my own logo with half a tree.

This logo taught me that Futura sucks to kern and illustrating a perfect cloudy-tree shape is kind of difficult. Oh well.

Peevine Recreational Area logo



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