Good Old Days

In elementary school, my biggest hobby was taking my friends and drawing super heroes out of them. It was just my thing. Sarah Eckelston was liquid girl, Robbie Weimer was a purple hulk, Dennis Webb was a changling, and Tyler I-actually-don’t-remember-his-name had lazer guns for hands. The funny part is that I still think that way.

When I get to know someone, I start imagining what they would be like if they were a super hero. Would they fly? Maybe they could shoot fire out of their hands or teleport. What type of hero would they be too? Would they be golden boys or anti-heroes? Would they be cocky or always dealing with the guilt of the people they weren’t able to save? If you were a super hero there would be a lot things you could be.

Today, I drew my friend, Tony. He is a huge anime fan who is also a little emo, so I made him an emo ninja. I also used this drawing to practice Photoshop painting. I think I am starting to get better at it. Either way, I would love to get to know anyone to at least see what kind of super hero they would be.

emo ninja



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