Fun with the English Language

Isn’t the English language fun? Because we basically slammed two languages (German and Latin) together and then bastardized them both over and over again, we have one of the largest vocabularies than any other other language. We have so many ways of saying the same thing that I bet I could say, I don’t know, “can I have some spaghetti” ten different ways and still be understood. On top of our vocabulary, we have so many weird quirks and flaws in the language that we have created over the years puns, dialects, and slang. Its quite amazing.

Well, because Valentine’s Day is coming up and I don’t think I’ll be making a blog that day (I’ll be with my wonderful girlfriend :) ) I decided to make a V-Day inspired blog and what better way to do so than saying I love you? This blog however will keep in mind the idea of the English language.

Ever notice that if you mouth the words “olive juice” to someone, they will also read “I love you” in your lips? Its a pretty common thing among family members and little kids. Well, today I decided to make my own design with the phrase. I was hoping you could read “olive juice” with the giant olive and phrase “juice” while still reading “I love you” on the olive. I like how it turned out and I hope you do as well. Besides, olives make everything better…mmm.



Shelby Moulden

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Are you talking about why I think olives make everything better? Olives do because they taste so good that you could add them to almost any dish and the dish would taste better.


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OLIVE it!!! ;)

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