Free Verse

illustration of fat bee monster

After a busy Labor Day weekend moving my site's hosting plan from GoDaddy to Host Gator, I decided I wanted to make a new post. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I concluded that I would do a free verse drawing.

The Bee Illustration

Drawing is a lot easier and faster than working on the computer so I got my sketchbook and mechanical pencil out. I then drew the first thing that popped into my head, which surprisingly was a fat, ugly bee monster. After making the initial sketch, I thought it needed to be inked so I drew over the illustration with a basic ball point pen and a Fine The Ken Brown Writer calligraphic pen. Once inked, I went back in with my mechanical pencil to shade the monster's face. For a quick sketch, I think he looks good.

Moving Hosting Plans

I've been planning on moving to Host Gator for a while now. I had been having issues with GoDaddy for the past year, from having horrible customer service to obnoxious user experience. My girlfriend, Kristina Chung, even got hacked while using GoDaddy and they did nothing to help. When I moved her site to Host Gator, I instantly fell in love with them.

Host Gator is cheaper than GoDaddy, has an all-in-one-place admin system, and has the best customer service I've ever seen. You can call them 24-7 and get a hold of a person in a couple of rings. They truly are amazing.

My only problem was that this weekend I moved 3 sites (including my archived sites), 3 databases, and 3 subdomains. Kristina's site had only one site and I started her database over from scratch. My migration wasn't that bad. I had to wait a while for the nameservers to update (it took me 2 days while Kristina's site took 2 hours) though I was told that it could take up to 2 days. My subdomains were deleted but that was GoDaddy's fault and once I figured out I could do add them back with Host Gator, it was a breeze to do so. The worst of my Labor Day project was that I didn't back up my entire Wordpress blog from my last website. I had to reinstall Wordpress, reinsert the database values into the blank database, and rebuild the theme from memory. It only took a couple of hours but that was a couple of hours I could have spent doing something better.

So the moral of the story kids is that when you are moving sites to new hosting plans, BACK UP EVERYTHING on to your local machine. It doesn't matter how much you have to back up, just do it.



Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar
why so much emphasis on the fact that you drew your illo with a MECHANICAL pencil, when a normal wooden pencil could do the job just as well... hehe... probably not, but oh well... i like to give props to good ol' fashioned #2 pencils!

Shelby Moulden

Shelby Moulden Avatar
Hehe. I was actually going to use a normal pencil to do the shading, but I couldn't find one. Normal pencils are better for shading because when they get dull, which is in two freaking seconds, they get a larger stroke and fill in more space with less strokes. I was quite surprised how well my mechanical pencil did.

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