Guess what I did today? I got so distracted by the web site I’ve been working on (by the way, user interface design is a lot of fun) that I almost forgot to do my design of the day. Can you believe it? Hehe. Well, today I did another drop cap. It didn’t take any effort to come up with what to do. It of course took a lot of effort to come up with how I would make the drop cap but not assign myself a drop cap. Know what I mean?

Anyway, sorry, today I wanted to blend two features that I like in typography: the blossoming of old Western block lettering (I just invented the term of “blossoming”) and non-vertical axises. So today’s G has the blossoming on the sides and has a -45 degree axis. I’m not sure if I would do this again in a type. I think they counteract each other but it was a fun experiment nonetheless.



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