First Post Ever—The Plan

Alright, so this is the first post of the first blog I have ever made (besides Facebook and Myspace which don’t really count). The reason for this blog isn’t really to pour my guts out about life like my understanding of most blogs, though some posts might turn out that way, but to be a gallery of mental visual vomit.

You see, its New Year’s Eve and I have a New Year’s resolution. A week ago I read a really suite article from my favorite internet site, Smashing Magazine and in the article it stated an observation and from it posted a challenge. The observation the author wrote was that designers spend a lot of time in front of books and web sites trying to gather inspiration. Its a perfectly fine tool for when a designer is in a rut but what about the old saying, “practice makes perfect”?

The challenge the author put up to all designers was to instead of look through galleries of pictures and tutorials, design something new everyday. Now we all know that a graphic designer’s life is busy with all the other work they do (you know, the homework and jobwork that we actually have to do) plus the attempts for a social life and health and, well, fill in the blank. So this exercise is not about making a masterpiece every day but just exercising your independent creative part of your brain by making something small and cool.

This could mean anything. The article gave a long list of people who are already doing this. They make drop caps, monster illustrations, t-shirt designs, album covers, and anything that interests them for that day. They just spend a half hour to two hours making something for themselves. This activity is meant to let you finally make those things you have been dreaming about happen, exercise your brain a little, and/or let you experiment with new ideas.

So finally, after that long explanation, I plan on designing something everyday and posting it onto this new blog to exercise my own creativity and see what my sub-conscious comes up with. Don’t expect anything phenomenal. I only plan on spending a max of an hour on any given day. I do have other things to be doing; but either way, I hope you enjoy what my brain vomits up.



Cal Cantrell

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YOU have a BLOG? Hooray! (Kristina told me about it)

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