Emo Album

Alright, so today I’ve decided to make a CD cover for an Emo band I came up with it. I’m not actually emo, though I must say that I like their fashion taste and I definitely don’t dislike their music. I do think the “emo” scene can be a little meladramatic and pessimistic. My cynic personality can definitely think the same way as a stereotypical emo kid but I try to be more optimistic than that. Life may have a lot of crappy things in it but it has way too many phenomenal things to pass up.

Now that I’m off my soapbox, I can tell you how I named the band after a song that I was listening to earlier today. I Should Mean More is by Jamison Parker, maybe one of the most depressing emo bands alive. I then gave the album the name of Melancholy, to be just extra stereotypical. For the photography, I got a picture of a creepy bed by moggierocket. She is really a phenomenal photographer. I then added some contrast, extra shadows, and dusts and scratches to call it done. Does it make you sad?

Emo album cover



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