Electro Talons!

So along with the background of comic books have come a couple of (I think) original ideas that I think a super hero should have. One of those ideas are electro talons. Yes, think Wolverine meets Thor. My original idea for this invention was for a girl who had wings like Angel but had the brilliant idea of making herself actually dangerous. My thought was that someone who could fly could help normal people all they wanted with catching suicidal people, reaching places quickly, and getting cats from trees but if they ever went up against a super villain they would get totally owned. That’s why Bird Girl (due to lack of a better name) decides to invent her own talons…made out of electricity or something.

These talons would come out on will like Wolverine but be generated by a set of gloves she wore. Makes sense in a fictional I-can-make-physics-bend-to-my-will kind of way, right? I was picturing them looking kind of like this:



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