Dr. Seuss goes to Mars

Today is another day and maybe the last one at that of Photo Booth drawings. I took a bunch of pictures one night and have been slowly transforming them over the weeks and this is the last one. I could always take more but I’m not sure. If I do, I think I want to do something different with them so they aren’t so similar.

Today’s drawing is combined the alien shape of the person’s head in the picture with the Dr. Seuss-like long neck that was also generated. This creature kind of reminds me of those blue cloning aliens in the new Star Wars or a really deformed hermaphrodite. What do you think? Then to create a hint of a narrative and just exaggerate the creature, I put it against a man the size of one of its eyes. Don’t you love how a simple element like that can create such mystery?

pencil drawing of a strange alien



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