Design Compliments

Today’s design is another sketch I did in Carrow’s while sick. I was sitting there eating my soup when I noticed the Tobasco sauce bottle had the shape of a Russian frog guard or something. So of course, I pulled out my sketchbook and started drawing a scene of frogs made out of table condiments.

When drawing it though, the waitress saw the sketch and lavished me with compliments. I’m truly thankful for her kind words but I’ve been realizing how dangerous compliments from certain people are for designers. Growing up, I would constantly be drawing. I created so much work that my mom and dad, proud parents as they were, would show my work off to all of their friends and family. Compliments would shower down on me. So many people asked for autographed drawings of super heroes and animals saying that they would be worth millions once I became famous.

I’m starting to think that these encouragements are totally necessary to build up a child’s confidence but too much may mess up the kid for good. I know a lot of my self-worth came from how people thought of my work, which isn’t a very good thing. Then when the kid leaves the praise of his parents to enter their competition, they’ll be shocked.

I don’t know. I feel like you should always encouragement your child’s creativity but never raise it up so high that the kid thinks he is the next Picasso. Parents should encourage passion to become a great artist; not tell the child of the foreseen career as one.

Tobasco sauce frog rejecting salt and pepper shaker tadpoles



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