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Kangaroo. Sorry, but I needed a “K” word to introduce some cool news. Someone not only found me on Google, but after they did, they liked my work so much they asked me to make a tattoo for them! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your work permanently on someone’s skin?

Last week I got an email from a guy who asked me to make a letter K in the same style as the drop cap P I made a few months ago. He wanted to use it for a tattoo of his girlfriend’s initial. Its a common gesture of love that I appreciate. I really like the idea of tattooed wedding rings. Its beautiful symbol of permanence and longevity.

Sadly, he doesn’t want my services anymore because my drop cap wouldn’t be of the same style of his girlfriend which I totally understand. I would have done the same. Nevertheless, this email let me know that people other than friends, family, and search bots have looked at my work.

Yes SEO optimization helps my work get out into the world but I still have to compete against thousands of blogs and images around the world. I know I get lost with all the showcases of people’s work that are on the internet. I honestly can only look at maybe four pieces of someone’s portfolio before getting bored unless I’m in a really curious mood. That’s actually why I love the new floodgate of portfolio websites that test usability because those sites are more of an experience than a display of one’s work.

Even though my drop cap won’t be forever placed on someone’s body, I still felt like I should make the guy’s K. Its a bit different than my P. The P was more like one form piercing the ground, while this one is an organic grid of Arabic swashes. I still like it but for different reasons. Hurray for calligraphy!

dropcap of an arabic themed letter k



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